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Oversize Load - Single Trip Permit Application

Please read carefully:

An Oversize Load Permit is required for the transportation of loads on County Roads that exceed the limits prescribed in the Highway Traffic Act.
Please refer to Terms and Conditions below.
Terms and Conditions Highway Traffic Act

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Oversize Load - Single Trip Permit Details

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Please choose the date of moving. (maximum 3 days for single trip permit)

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Please use either the map or the text area: Map: • Right click or long press on the map to add a marker • Specific routes may be created using multiple markers • Markers may be moved by dragging them Text Area: • Enter intersections in the format: Main Rd. and Cross Rd. • Enter road segments in the format: Main Rd. from Cross Rd. to Cross Rd.

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File Uploads

Please upload the axle load table if exceeds HTA weight per axle

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